Ball Cage & Large Pool Combo


Transform the large QUADRO Pool into a complete closed ball pen by using the QUADRO Ball Cage. Suitable for Ages 1+.     SAVE 10% When ou purchase the pool and ball pen together.

Through the stableness of the QUADRO aluminium profile (Art.Nr. 40276) the QUADRO Ball Cage has an extremely sturdy roof. You can cover the QUADRO Ball Cage completely with a net so the balls don’t fall out.

By using the QUADRO Flexi-Connector the roof construction is elegantly finished and the fun as always is guaranteed!
279 Components
Kit Weight 26.41kg

Pool size is 245cm(Length) x 125cm (Width) x 45cm (Height)

NB Balls are not included

Please allow 5 working days for delivery. We only deliver to U.K. and Ireland via DPD


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