Quadro Climbing Pyramid


Kids Climbing Frame Pyramid by Quadro. 

The Quadro Climbing Pyramid (Art. 31002) has a total of 236 components. The Quadro Climbing Pyramid does not use any panels and with a grid of 35 x 35cm is ideal for children to climb.You can add panels individually see parts section or  , see panel set 4 x4  40cm panels in slides and accessory section .

The Quadro Climbing Pyramid is specifically designed to enhance the development of your childs motor functions by helping to develop coordination, balance and cognitive function. Children are able to focus on their movements like balancing and climbing while improving endurance, flexibility as well as strength and body control.

1 Year +

Combine two Quadro Climbing Pyramid Kits and you can create an even more dynamic climbing environment or combine several Quadro Climbing Pyramids. Quadro is only limited by your imagination.
Delivery 5 working days

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236 Components
Kit weight 22.23kg
QUADRO Model handbook included
QUADRO Safety instructions included
QUADRO Multimedia CD-ROM included
Price Includes VAT at 20%

Ages 1+
Adult supervision required at all times
Maximum weight capacity is 100 kg
Made in Germany
No plasticizers or Bisphenol A
No polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
Environmentally friendly / recycling class 5 and 2


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