Quadro Home Action Kit


The Quadro Home Action Kit offers a fantastic opportunity to rapidly expand your Quadro constructions with this pre-assorted expansion pack.

Includes 67 Quadro parts-
2 x 4-Way 3D Connectors Part no.00041
1 x 4-Way 2D Connectors Part no.00141
3 x 2-Way 2D Connectors Part no.00111
4 x Corner Connectors Part no.00911
36 x Panel Screws Part no.00621
1 x Screw Key Part no.0061S
6 x Tube Screws Part no.0061X
1 x Game Bag Part no. 00383
1 x Roof Textile Part no.00353
9 x 40cm x 40cm Panels Part no.00405
3 x 15cm Tubes Part no.00515

Kit weight 7kg

Please allow 5 working days for delivery. We only deliver to U.K. and Ireland via Interlink Express

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