Quadro Play Table


The QUADRO Large Play Table offers bigger models suitable for several children at the same time. The Large play Table has 345 components including special parts like the Multi-wheel, Aluminium profile and Play bag. With 10 different different build designs this table can be used in a number of ways.

QUADRO Model handbook included
QUADRO Safety instructions included

The Quadro Play Table is designed to be used specifically in nurseries. All of the 5 different designs available give a number of different options in terms of how you want to use your table and chairs. A total of 169 Components including Aluminium profile and Play bag are included with the Quadro Play Table.

More details:
Recommended age: 12 months to a teenager
No plasticizers or Bisphenol A
No polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
Environmentally friendly / recycling class 5 and 2

Only for domestic use (personal use)
Use under the direct supervision of an adult
The maximum lifting capacity is 100 kg
Caution, small parts! Due to the small parts in the unassembled state there is the danger of swallowing and thus risk of suffocation.

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